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How to choose first diving gear?

Buying first gear is always exciting. However, you probably are in a deep grey zone. You actually don’t know the type of gear you need. You haven’t tried different diving equipment yet. So, it’s really hard to tell how to choose the right one.

It’s easy to be convinced by a sales person if you don’t know your needs.

There are few major points you have to be aware of when you consider different diving equipment:

  • Diving conditions. What type of conditions you’re planning to dive in? It may be warm or cold waters. Lakes, rivers, oceans. Are you planning to use that gear in different places? Maybe you live in tropical area, but planning to take your regulators, suit, bcd to cold water places.

  • Do you know how far in training you will go? May your plan will change in the future? You just started diving and think that single tank is more than enough for you. However, look around how everyone else is diving. Are they using twin tanks, sidemount, rebreathers? They probably do that because it’s more appropriate in that environment. Find local dive forums and ask for advice. Or you may never dive in local conditions. So, you’ll need travel gear. Would it fit your long - term needs?

  • Which brand to choose is your own preference same like phones or car. They will all do their job, just some of them will fit you better and last longer. Same like phones or anything else in this life.

  • What not to buy? Look around. Which gear is for sale after just 10-20 dives? Do you find similar gear in a lot of adds? YOU WOULD NOT WANT TO BUY THAT ONE! Usually they are sold by a pushy salesman and do not fit long term needs. Person who bought it tried that couple of times and discovered it’s no good. They might payed less at first, but they pay double to get what they need anyway. Choose wisely, consult your instructor, several shops and do your own research online.

Then I buy my own hear I look for things like:

  • long lasting materials,
  • availability to customize,
  • good design,
  • good feedback from other users,
  • diving gear should fit all my future needs.

If I decide to make more courses in the future, this may help to save money.  As example, I have bought my first bcd 6 years ago and I’m still using it. I have used that in more than 500 dives and it’s still in good condition as I take care of all my stuff. But about this in other posts.

Choose wisely or contact us for advice.



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